The Company

Our organisation stems from years of experience in joinery, manufacturing and management to a level that sets us as a leader in the joinery and cabinet making industry. 

The experience of our team comes from an array of broad sectors to ensure that we deliver and strive for excellence across the organisation and the industry.

Our diversity delivers an open mind set as well, ensuring the highest level of respect stems across the board which in turn speaks volumes in our craftsmanship, customer service and Culture.

Our Culture is in leading the way to make not only the product of the highest quality however the want to work for our organisation and the staff satisfaction to a level that leads in the industry.

Our people make our organisation great so we employ the best to achieve the best.  We spend time in training our people to adapt to a culture that is hardworking, honest and with the highest level of integrity across all teams.

Take the time to talk to us and see how we strive to a level that sets the benchmark high and our product range above the rest.